Where Are They Now: Skyler Grey

Where Are They Now: Skyler Grey

Skyler Grey was just fifteen years old when he exhibited at Art Vancouver in 2015. Since then, the kid they call the “Fresh Prince of Street Art” has received global recognition for his work and resides on Forbes’ prestigious 30 Under 30 list. Now working on his paintings full-time in Los Angeles, Grey’s original work can sell for $6,000-$60,000 apiece and hangs on the walls of several celebrity homes and acclaimed galleries. Not too bad for a seventeen-year-old.


Grey initially began drawing around the age of two, as a method to help handle the loss of his mother. Within time, his father nurtured the budding talent by surrounding him with art and enrolling him in classes. Grey’s work – mixed media creations that often simultaneously resemble pop and street art – are artistically bold pieces that all fit into his personal brand. We look forward to seeing what this young prodigy will bring into the art world next.


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