Where Are They Now: Paul Ygartua

Paul Ygartua paints the way he travels – gracefully, boldly and leaving no corners untouched. Born in England, Ygartua now calls Vancouver home, although he also splits his time between England, France and Spain. As a qualified gold and silversmith, his art career began with a degree in design and gradually evolved into a multifaceted experiment with different styles and mediums.


Ygartua’s Heritage Series paintings have become quite well known in Canada, and have fit in well with the country’s identity. Ygartua is also globally renowned for his colourful, expressive pieces that are often massive in size. Known as having painted the largest mural ever to be created by a single person,
Ygartua’s monumental murals and ceilings have won him international acclaim with collectors worldwide.


Visit his website: https://www.ygartua.com/

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