The Return of Donna Giraud: Contemporary Abstract Artist

The Return of Donna Giraud: Contemporary Abstract Artist

By Kirsten Larsen

“I am a painter and I believe art should make you feel something. I believe in inspiring others by sharing secrets so we can all succeed and I believe that buying art should be a positively unforgettable experience.”

– Donna



Donna Giraud is a self taught abstract painter living and working in Vancouver, British Columbia.  She uses heavy texture and composition to create a conversation that will pull the viewer into a dream like visual journey.  Painting purely from the heart and for self exploration, Donna admits that it takes a serious amount of determination, passion and hustle to make it as full time artist.


She is a remarkable and highly collected full time artist who is fueled by the idea that art has the power to heal and transcend boundaries. Donna has taken the love of her craft and transformed it into a viable and thriving business which continues to grow and expand with every brush stroke.


As a mentor, teacher and business coach, Donna is dedicated to building an inclusive artistic community. She is a leader in the Vancouver art scene, offering workshops, consultations and painting nights in her cozy east Vancouver studio, all of which focus on the emerging artist.


2017 marks her return to Art! Vancouver and we are thrilled!


For more information please visit her website:


Show runs May 25th – 28th/ 2017


Tickets for Art! Vancouver are one sale now:


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