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The Vancouver Art Gallery is showcasing couture designer, Gou Pei’s ethereal creations. Art and fashion lovers will find unexpected, contradictory themes.   The Chinese Cultural Revolution, which shaped Pei’s anti-utilitarian approach to fashion. Pei, a child of the Cultural Revolution during which the communist state banned anything reminiscent of the imperial order and Western bourgeois influences. Pei’s Grandmother secretly told her stories of a glorious past of Chinese emperors and opulence. These stories sparked the […]

From November 22-25, the new art fair Art Asia 2018 is being hosted in Seoul, Korea. Considered an “art fair for art fairs,” the event is focused on the growth of the global, contemporary art scene, and strives to provide a unified platform in which attendees can meet, network and collaborate. The Art Vancouver team will be attending as the only representative from outside Asia. An exciting opportunity, Art Asia will be a great place to […]

By Petra Giffard   Malok Choi has participated in an extensive list of group and solo shows that stretch back to the late 1980s. Her artistic career is impressive and she certainly has plenty to shout about, and yet she doesn’t. Why? Because Malok Choi is a quiet and contemplative artist. The subtle and carefully considered nature of her work are alluring, and we are thrilled that she will be exhibiting at Art Vancouver 2019. […]

By Petra Giffard   Joy Peirson is a British born artist based in Vancouver. Largely self-taught, Joy remembers being encouraged and supported by her parents to draw from around five years old. Today Joy uses both watercolours and acrylics to capture the beauty of her home city and the surrounding landscape.   “ I love living in Vancouver and I am inspired by our incredible scenery every time I step outside of my door.  I […]

At the core of our organization lives the mission of growing, inspiring and empowering the local, national and international arts community.  With a diverse range of artists and this mission in mind, the 2019 show will be curated to the theme of “Uniting Nations Through Art.” In a celebration of art worldwide, event attendees will have the chance to meet artists and see work from across the globe.   Aside from exploring this theme through our artists, […]

CULTURAL CONNECTIONS: MASTER ZIMBABWEAN SCULPTOR, DOMINIC BENHURA & OJIBWAY DREAMER, ICEBEAR AT UKAMA GALLERY   WHAT: Collaborative Live Sculpting with indigenous artists Dominic Benhura (Zimbabwe) and IceBear (Canada), Artist Talks. WHEN: September 20-25, 11:00 – 4:00 PM WHERE: Ukama Gallery (, Granville Island, Vancouver, BC   This September, Ukama Gallery brings together two leading lights of the international art world. Against the multicultural backdrop of Vancouver, this meeting will highlight collaboration between artists who are uniquely emblematic of the rich […]

The Hornby Island Arts Council is pleased to announce “Hornby Time,” a Live and Silent Auction Fundraiser to take place at the Sage Bistro (behind the Chan Centre at UBC) in Vancouver on October 10th,  7- 11p.m. “Hornby Time” is so named to evoke the mutual love for time spent on Hornby, and that it is also time for Hornby — to build a much-needed permanent art gallery for the island.   Contact:                                   Cheryl […]

  Vancouver Mural Festival has evolved into a highly anticipated, exciting addition to the city’s arts scene. Supporting a diverse community of emerging artists, the event that has led to the colourful walls of the Mount Pleasant area continues to grow in popularity.   For the first time ever, the Art! Vancouver team took part with a booth that displayed artwork from some of its previous artists. Live painting demonstrations were also performed by the […]

Glossy interior design magazines often lead us to believe that one or two statement pieces of art in a home are enough. But true art lovers know that this simply isn’t the case! So why not transform your walls into your very own art gallery? Your home can easily become your very own showcase for your personal art collection. Let us guide you through these 4 simple steps to help you accomplish your vision:   […]

Grit, reality, beauty, celebration. This is what street photography duo Tara Mary Paget and Laura Noonan do best. The current show at Calabash Bistro in Gastown, Vancouver is Meet Me At The Lamp(p)ost in their element. This carefully curated exhibition documents everything from architecture and relationships to those momentary human encounters and interactions. It is a celebration of all things East Vancouver – immortalised by a series of candid and honest shots.   Noonan and […]

On the evening of July 26th, art enthusiasts of all ages gathered at the Portside Pub in Gastown for our new painting competition: Art! Masters. During what proved to be an exciting summer event, the hour-long contest saw professional artists vying to paint their best interpretation of the theme “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” With the artists having to make use of a surprise box of materials that included everyday objects such […]

On Saturday, August 11th, Art! Vancouver will be participating for the first time in Vancouver’s annual Mural Festival. The Vancouver Mural Festival gives artists an opportunity to contribute to the city’s diverse art scene, leaving a cultural legacy through permanent, large-scale public murals. Among the display of  dazzling murals, we will be showcasing live painting demonstrations and pieces by a number of Vancouver-based visual artists including:   Jake Bull Jake is an English native living […]

Red dots are an artist’s best friend, as every artist loves a sale! But why do some pieces have more than one dot beside them? The answer is that the work is an edition. Prints and editions are seductive – particularly if a full-blown original is out of your price range! But before you part with your cash it pays to consider the following 4 pointers:   Is the piece a limited edition? Check the […]

Get to know our 8 Art! Masters Artists before July 26th: Painting in a competitive and time-pressured environment takes courage – and who better to show off their creative skills than our 8 esteemed artists: Shelley Brookes, Jake Bull, Maureen Coles, Elizabeth Cross, Danyne Johnston, Lauren Morris, Tatiana Rivero Sanz and Instagram contest winner Patrick De Michele. As a spectator, you will be able to vote for your favourite Art! Master response to Muhammed Ali’s […]

On July 1st, over 25,000 people gathered at the Convention Centre in downtown Vancouver to celebrate Canada Day. Among the various festivities, eleven of our locally-based artists set up displays of their artwork. We had a range of artistic mediums and styles available for viewers – from aerial and regular photography, to spray paints, acrylics and digital art, there was something to satisfy each Canadian’s artistic tastes. Here are some photos of the event. More […]

East Vancouver Breathes Creativity A collaborative collection of street photography that celebrates the artistry and grit of East Vancouver while capturing stillness in a world full of transient moments. Through place-specific street photography, Meet me at the Lamp(p)ost revolves around the present and promotes contentment in self and place. Presented by Irish-born, Canadian residents Laura Noonan and Tara Mary Paget.   June 28th at 7PM for the opening of Meet me at the Lamp(p)ost at […]

By Petra Giffard   The intention of this month’s article is twofold: to pick and to place artwork. These two actions are highly intertwined and both need to be at the forefront of your mind during any art buying decision.   Firstly, pick a space. This may involve measuring a wall – but could also involve earmarking a space in your home/office/garden for a sculptural piece. Then, consider the statement you wish to make. A […]

The Vancouver Visual Art Foundation, host of April’s international! Vancouver fair at the Convention Centre, returns July 1st with a free event to inspire all art enthusiasts. Taking place in the same venue, 13 artists will be on hand at the downtown waterfront to exhibit their work in a celebration of Canada Day. Painting by Elizabeth Cross You can look forward to art from emerging artists Jake Bull, Matthew Choy and Talin Wayrynen. A local artist who […]

True Colour Art Gallery is perhaps North Vancouver’s newest gallery – located on Marine Drive opposite Capilano Mall. The space is bright, airy and showcases the work perfectly. The majority of the artwork on display is by Li Xuan – gallery owner Li Li’s late father. His vibrant and expressive artworks feel optimistic and fresh; playfully combining traditional Chinese ink with a contemporary Western approach to abstraction. These large pieces are interspersed by yellow, red […]

By Petra Giffard   The pressure of making a purchase at an art fair can seem overwhelming. The array of original and exciting artwork combined with negotiating a sale may well have put you off. So if you are now regretting not making that purchase then here are five pointers that may help you on your way to acquiring work from your new favourite artist or gallery!   Can’t remember the artists’ name? Have a […]

  Throughout her 65 year career, Yayoi has captivated her audience with her vibrant sculptures, drawings, paintings and installations. But behind the frivolity and playfulness lies an intriguing and complex woman – often outspoken and perpetually contending with mental health issues that she combats through her “art-medicine” and her voluntary residence at a Sanatorium.      Infinity Mirror is a touring exhibition that you can currently catch in Toronto. The unquestionable highlight has to be […]

Hailing from Bilbao, Spain, Jesús Hilera is a seasoned sculptor who graduated with honours from the Escuela de Artes y Oficios in the North West region of Spain.   Having had much experience in using a variety of carving mediums for his art, he excelled in working with materials like natural wood, stone and marble. Throughout his career, Jesús had the privilege to be mentored by some of the most influential and skilled masters in […]

Rose Tanner is an award-winning artist who loves the outdoors and studying birds. She is dedicated to using traditional oil painting techniques, travels widely for her subjects and is active in supporting endangered birds and their habitat. “Birds sing, dance, fight, court, breed and fly. They claim territory, pair for life, play the field, fool around, hold funerals, have socials, eat fermented berries and perform mating rituals that leave us baffled. The subject matter is endless; watching birds in the […]

By Petra Giffard   I recently spoke to a lady who was passionate about the art scene in Vancouver – but when I mentioned the Polygon Gallery in North Vancouver she explained that she rarely makes the seabus trip to The North Shore – and asked me: “Is it worth it?” My answer is a resounding “YES!”   The Polygon Gallery, situated right next to Lonsdale Quay, is the new home of Presentation House Gallery […]

Paul Ygartua paints the way he travels – gracefully, boldly and leaving no corners untouched. Born in England, Ygartua now calls Vancouver home, although he also splits his time between England, France and Spain. As a qualified gold and silversmith, his art career began with a degree in design and gradually evolved into a multifaceted experiment with different styles and mediums.   Ygartua’s Heritage Series paintings have become quite well known in Canada, and have […]

GALERIAKALO is powered by FONDACIONI KALO, a foundation founded in 2014 by Përparim Kalo and guided by a board of trustees to support art and artists in Albania and across its borders, by building bridges between artists, collectors, galleries, museums and any other relevant institutions supporting art. In 35  exhibitions organized in Tirana, Ljubljana, Strasbourg, The Hague, Paris, Thessaloniki, Galeria Kalo was able to display artworks by artists from Albania, Australia, Austria, Croatia, France, Germany, […]

Influenced by Georgia O’Keefe, an always-changing environment and a love for oil painting, previous Art! Vancouver exhibitor Irina Gretchanaia continues to experience great success with her detailed flower artwork.   The Russian-born artist had initially planned on going into fashion illustration, and one cannot help but wonder if that has helped to produce the fabric-like movement that is seen in her paintings. “When I take a photograph I am looking for the flower to do a […]

Beginners Workshop with Petra Giffard Learn to paint a Heron using Acrylic Paint Saturday April 21st 2018 4:30pm – 6pm   Being relatively new to Vancouver, I was instantly struck by the beautiful nature and wildlife that surrounds the city. I have become particularly captivated by the Herons of Stanley Park. After conducting some research I found that in North America the heron is a symbol of curiosity, self reliance and self determination – which […]

Think of the art fair as being rather like the beauty section of a department store. Each counter (or in this case, booth) offering you a showcase of the finest products from across the globe – but in one convenient location. By attending an international art fair you have the opportunity to visit several galleries in one hit – rather than searching across cities, countries or even across continents for that perfect purchase.   Ok […]

Tatiana Rivero Sanz, “tana”.   Tana is a Canadian born in Barcelona, 1969, presently living in Vancouver, Canada. Multimedia artist, photography, paintings, installations, poems, sculptures, performance art, short films.   She builds physical “dreams” in her studio (through paint and sculptures) for her photo sessions. These are recorded and become later on short films.   Her photos are exhibited and awarded regularly in International Fairs, Art Museums and Galleries such as Art Expo New York, […]

by Diana Mogensen   Biophilia, a research based school of design, blends the art of design with neurosciences. Research shows lighting, color, plants, natural materials, air flow,  temperature, even the art on our  walls  impacts our overall health.   Biophilic Design nurtures in us a love of space. To be healthful, interior spaces should connect us with nature.  Visual, auditory and haptic connections cement our relationship to interior spaces. These connectors interplay in complex ways […]

Who can believe that it’s already March? It feels like we just celebrated the holidays and welcomed the new year! With our art fair fast approaching in less than two months, we recently hosted a Sneak Peek event at the fabulous Le Soleil Fine Art Gallery to give everyone a snapshot of what we have in-store!   We kicked off the evening with live, on-site painting featuring a few of our art fair participating artists: […]

Art! Vancouver is returning to the Vancouver Convention Centre for its 4th year between April 19th and April 22nd 2018, and we are looking for emerging artists to enter our competition for the chance to exhibit a piece of your artwork at our international art fair.   We are looking for 16 visually exciting responses to our 2018 theme ‘Ignite Your Voice’ to display as part of our 2018 event. At a time where speaking […]

If you enjoy wildlife and a vivid colour palette then come to the Art! Vancouver show to experience Derrick Higgins visual world. Brilliant blues, bright reds, fluorescent yellows, pinks and purples draw the viewer in.   Using luminous colour combinations, interesting shapes and patterns, Higgins manages to create a level of abstraction still based in the reality of nature. This brilliant combination, along with an obvious love of wildlife, makes for some powerful imagery.   […]

In December 2012, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut reinvigorated the gun control debate that would continue throughout the years since. Los Angeles artist Charles Gitnick was only ten years old at the time, but that did not stop his colourful gun art from receiving international recognition for its relevant message.   Aided by his dad, Gitnick first began selling his work on the boardwalk of Venice Beach. Inspired by artists Jackson Pollock […]

An accomplished oil painter, Wolski is continuously looking for improvement, balance and harmony in her work and in her life. Art, she believes is spiritual in nature, very healing and therapeutic. Creative process, enthused by the endless beauty of nature – her flawlessness, yet imperfection – reminds her of her own journey, forever developing and unpredictable, yet also miraculous.   She feels a deep emotional connection with flowers; they are her infinite source of inspiration […]

It is a well-known fact that the first few weeks of a new year are a crucial time to stop, refocus and reflect. The chaos of the holiday season is now well and truly behind us and it is time to concentrate on what matters. Top visual trend spotters Adobe Stock predict that one of the biggest art trends of 2018 will be silence, solitude, reflection and contemplation – so we have put together our […]

Skyler Grey was just fifteen years old when he exhibited at Art Vancouver in 2015. Since then, the kid they call the “Fresh Prince of Street Art” has received global recognition for his work and resides on Forbes’ prestigious 30 Under 30 list. Now working on his paintings full-time in Los Angeles, Grey’s original work can sell for $6,000-$60,000 apiece and hangs on the walls of several celebrity homes and acclaimed galleries. Not too bad […]

  By Shantel Susan   More than just “a picture on the wall” artists bring glorious insightfulness to everyday life.  What is truly profound is the open-ended effect of artists’ work.   Throughout recorded history artists have been creating art that still influences those viewing it today.  This timeless appeal is due to the ability of the artist to convey their expression using a multitude of materials and methods.  It is through their innate talents that […]

When Tania first came to Youth Unlimited’s Creative Life art program, she needed an outlet and people who cared—what she got was so much more. Art afforded her a healthy way to cope with family tensions and the creative community gave her much-needed support at a time when depression and panic attacks were isolating.  “The youth workers noticed that something was going on and tried to help me,” says Tania. “Danny [YU youth worker] mentored […]

Read more>> By Matthew Greenspan Art! Vancouver brought the art world together at the Vancouver Convention Centre on July 1, 2017. The event, held in commemoration of Canada’s 150th birthday, featured the artwork of more than 25 artists. Art! Vancouver was held as part of the Canada 150 open house at Vancouver’s Canada Place, celebrating art from across the Great White North. The excellence of the event didn’t go unnoticed, as it was praised as […]

By Dan Ferguson   Original article published:   A painting by an Abbotsford resident is among those being showcased this weekend at western Canada’s largest art show, Art Vancouver.   Jeff Stackhouse’s piece is titled True Patriot Love and was created in honour of Canada 150 celebrations in 2017.   The painting premiered Thursday night during the Art Vancouver red carpet gala event at Canada Place. The show runs until Sunday at 5 p.m.   […]

By Devon Michael    There is a moment that an artist becomes a master, and once upon a time we thought of that moment as the final stroke of a Masterpiece; a unique work that defines the transition from a studying artist to a Master. Looking at Mohammad Reza Atashzad, I wish I could have been there to see it. After all, I would call ‘extraordinary moments’ his forte as an artist. Somehow, he makes […]

By Devon Michael   Sometimes art exists to communicate things you don’t know how to say, at other times it’s to remember things, like meaningful emotions, or where you’ve come from. Artwork can represent the unutterable voices of women, or can even tell us what happened to your family without you having to say it out loud. We might not otherwise know how to say these things if not for the ability to show others […]

By Devon Michael   There’s a secret change that happens inside artists who work abroad. It’s hard to understand, beyond that the root of the trait is empathy, but it’s also perspective, and I think it’s imperative to anyone, in any field, who wants to do thoughtful, inclusive work. The more you’ve seen, the bigger your pictures are.   If you’ve been all over the world, you’ll recognize in jOnezi the familiar places you thought […]

By Devon Michael   Last year at Art! Vancouver, among all the exhibitors and people who came to visit, there was an ongoing conversation about the sofa chairs. It was one of those things that at first makes you laugh, and then you get to sit in one and go “oh wow this is great…”   Old sofa chairs. Comfy, recycled, and for a good cause. Also spattered with every possible color of paint. These […]

  By Devon Michael   On the surface, Lisa Wolfin is an international artist, but based on my dabbling in the higher mysteries I expect she may also be something of a werewolf. Wait, though; it gets better- Her background is incredibly impressive and easy to find details about on the internet, but it took me a while to figure her out. Longer than the others, because what I do when I’m writing about artists […]

  By Devon Michael   Artists at the beginning of their careers often take advantage of the medium to learn about themselves and use art as a staging ground to decide how they feel about things. I see this come out as anger and insecurity more often than not. Which is understandable because it’s great subject matter. Art allows us to puzzle out and express things, and other times it just shows the world who […]

By Devon Michael   I’m guilty, as most of us are, of sometimes behaving like I’m the most important person there is. The positive side to that is it can manifest as the desire to explore and touch the world, to head out into the woods as if the forest was made for no other reason that to be seen by you. There’s a hidden beauty in feeling like you’re the center of the universe. […]

By Devon Michael   I know I’m not supposed to touch the painting, but it’s not really fair when they are made to have such texture. I want to touch it! I want to touch it so much… What’s the first thing you learn as a kid in a museum? Don’t touch. Well, there’s a reason for that, and when the work is acrylic and mixed media, you don’t want to touch it because it […]

By Devon Michael   There is a great communication barrier between humans and birds, probably because they don’t bother with us humans very much, and because we think any animal without eyebrows is an idiot. The fact of the matter is that I know an African Grey parrot who is smarter than some guys I’ve met, and I’ve known chickens with a greater capacity for love and affection than, actually, rather a lot of people […]

By Devon Michael    Art! Vancouver loves artists like Kirsten. She’ll be displaying with us at the end of May to showcase her oil and acrylic work in our epic showroom. We love artists like Kirsten because she is one of those “tip of the iceberg” artists exhibitors, so to speak. Here’s an elliptical ‘why that is’:   Art is a funny thing. It’s also a lot of things beyond funny that are harder to […]

By Devon Michael   I was impressed with Hannah Niki’s design right off the get, not because I know anything about kiln-forging, but for something quite silly on my part. It impresses me very much when an artist can not only create something beautiful, in this case, glass sometimes made to look how the cosmos might appear from a distance, but then to also have the innovation to hand the thing to you and say, […]

By Devon Michael   Aurelia works in a variety of styles, but the one for which she is known is this method of reverse painting, on glass, which she sometimes shatters and reassembles. She coined the phrase Glassism, to express the process by which her work takes form. The allegory is easy to identify, deconstructing and rebuilding, playing with the transparency of the glass or with some paint on it. Finding the new meaning in […]

By Devon Michael   Whenever I get the chance to ask artists about their work my first question is where does the work begin when you imagine it? Do you see the shapes first, or emotion, an idea, or memory? Does it appear fully formed, or do you not know what it is until it’s finished? The answers light my imagination on fire.   Irina Gretchanaia’s work begins with color. She started out with graphite […]

By Kirsten Larsen   Art! Vancouver is pleased to welcome Internationally acclaimed Spanish born artist, author, photographer and sculptor Tatiana Rivero.  Hailing from Barcelona, she now calls Vancouver, B.C. her home.  As an art photographer, Rivero’s chosen medium is a blend between photography, sculpture, poetry and performance art.   For over a decade Rivero has been creating award winning artistic photos. Setting the stage in her studio, where she creates a space that the protagonist […]

  By Kirsten Larsen Johan Andersson, a Swedish artist based in Los Angeles, is a graduate of Central Saint Martins, a London based art school. He is the youngest artist to win third prize for the BP Portrait Award, an annual portrait competition held at the UK’s National Portrait Gallery. In 2008, he was selected for the Jerwood Charitable Foundation’s Contemporary Painter’s Prize and named as one of  The Independent’s top 20 Artists of 2008. […]

Written by Kirsten Larsen “If I made your mind stop for a moment, if I made you feel good while looking at my paintings, then you have come back home, and all my efforts were worth it.”                       Art! Vancouver artist Jan Kasparec is a highly accomplished artist living in Vancouver BC. Originally from the Czech Republic, his life has been a constant quest for […]

By Kirsten Larsen “I am a painter and I believe art should make you feel something. I believe in inspiring others by sharing secrets so we can all succeed and I believe that buying art should be a positively unforgettable experience.” – Donna   Donna Giraud is a self taught abstract painter living and working in Vancouver, British Columbia.  She uses heavy texture and composition to create a conversation that will pull the viewer into […]

By Kirsten Larsen   Art! Vancouver is pleased to announce our partnership with Battered Women Support Services, a Vancouver based charity, that has provided counselling and healing spaces for women and children who have experienced abuse.  For over 35 years, BWSS has contributed to the freedom and liberation of girls and women from violence and has empowered the community through training and educational programs such as, art therapy and life skills building.   Art! Vancouver […]

Published in Art & Beyond – Written by Heidi Castle Art! Vancouver, Western Canada’s international art fair, invites both galleries and independent artists to exhibit their original works before a savvy and welcoming audience of curators, collectors, designers, gallerists, other artists and art lovers from all over the globe.   Vancouver’s natural beauty, ease of living, cultural diversity and amenities make it ripe for an international art fair, says Lisa Wolfin, director, Art! Vancouver.   […]

I had a very interesting human experience this past weekend.   I found myself in the unintended position of viewing some women in a manner more intimate than appropriate. Lately I find myself wondering why the standards of nudity have changed so much since my childhood. I am not a prude, I just find it getting to be over-done.   After having re-looked at some well-done photographic art, I began to think about the difference […]

More than 100 artists from around the world have converged at the Vancouver Convention Centre East (999 Canada Place), where the first art fair of its kind is celebrating its second annual event. Art! Vancouver, originally created by West Vancouver-based curator Lisa Wolfin, takes place this weekend (May 27 to 29). We spoke with Wolfin earlier today to find out just how much work goes into putting on a show of this size. “There was […]

Published by Iltalehti – By Nina Dale – June 01, 2016 – See original story here  Arvokas kotkapatsas varastettiin, kun omistaja kuljetti sitä kadulla repussa Kanadassa. Timanteilla koristeltu ja täyttä kultaa oleva, kotkaa esittävä metsästyspatsas on varastettu omistajaltaan. Patsas oli syöpätutkimukseen metsästyksen avulla varoja keräävän hyväntekeväisyysjärjestön vetonaula.   – Ilman kotkaa minulla ei ole mitään, Hunt for the Cause Foundationin puheenjohtaja Ron Shore sanoi CNN:lle.   Kultakotka on ainoa laatuaan. Se on tehty kahdeksasta kilosta kultaa […]

Written by Karina Eva – Published by Hello Vancity – May 28, 2016 – See original article here Featuring reputable galleries and artists from across Canada and around the world, Art! Vancouver 2016 is been held under the Sails, at the Vancouver Convention Centre East – a real stunning and inspirational setting. Last Friday, I had the opportunity to attend the Art! Vancouver opening night gala which was extremely inspiring and refreshing. Artists, galleries, dealers, collectors, […]

Written by Kevin Griffin – Published by The Vancouver Sun – May 26, 2016 – See original article here As a youngster growing up in China, Cecilia Aisin Gioro knew better than to talk about being related to the country’s last emperor. What stopped her was social pressure against acknowledging she was the grandniece of Puyi Aisin Gioro, or Henry Pu Yi, as he was called in the West. The Aisin Gioro name remains unpopular in China because it […]

Written by Christine Lyon – Published by The North Shore News – May 27, 2016 – See original article here Natasha Nazerali dances Saturday, May 28, 5 p.m. at the Vancouver Convention Centre East, 999 Canada Place, Vancouver, as part of the Art! Vancouver fair. Visit for more information. Just a week after Natasha Nazerali graduated high school, she was on a plane to New York to further her dance training at the American […]

Written by Janet Smith – Published by The Georgia Straight – May 18, 2016 – See original article here Art fairs are surging around the globe, drawing thousands of people to shows like ARCOMadrid, Art Cologne, and Art Basel. Back east, residents and tourists head in droves to events like Art Toronto and the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. In fact, the European Fine Art Foundation’s most recent art-market report found that almost 40 percent of […]

Written by The Georgia Straight Staff – Published by The Georgia Straight – May 25, 2016 – See original article here Excerpt: High five Five events you just can’t miss this week Art! Vancouver The closest you’re going to get to Art Basel or Miami. At the Vancouver Convention Centre from May 26 to 29

Written by Elizabeth Newton – Published by Creators Vancouver – May 27, 2016 – See original article here Lisa Wolfin is a long-time Vancouverite, a graduate of Eric Hamber High School. Her creative road has included design awards at FIDM in Los Angeles, a two year apprenticeship at Christian Dior in Paris and her own Wear Wolfin clothing line for women. As a curator and lifelong painter, Wolfin became excited about the idea of starting an International […]

Published by Biancoscuro – May 25th – Read original story here Biancoscuro media partner di Art! Vancouver, fiera d’arte Internazionale, presenta fiera ed espositori dell’edizione 2016. Art! Vancouver, nato da un progetto di Lisa Wolfin, aprirà le porte al “Vancouver Convention Centre” da giovedì 26 maggio fino a domenica 28 maggio, ore 9. La fiera canadese si promette come punto d’incontro internazionale tra galleristi, artisti e collezionisti. Per quattro giorni 26-29 maggio, Art! Vancouver collegherà la comunità […]

Written by Vancity Buzz Staff – Published by – May 17, 2016 – See original article here Vancouver’s largest fine arts fair is back at the Vancouver Convention Centre on May 26-29. Making a splash for arts-lovers of all levels and ages, Art! Vancouver is Western Canada’s only international fine arts fair. This year, the event is expected to attract 10,000 attendees, including a wide range of creative and sophisticated young professionals. Whether you’re […]

「藝術!溫哥華」蔡霞芬獲邀參展 台裔女藝術家露頭角 21日將與百位參展人抱畫走秀 | 世界新聞網 「藝術!溫哥華」蔡霞芬獲邀參展台裔女藝術家露頭角 21日將與百位參展人抱畫走秀 蔡霞芬展出的作品之一《相見在巴黎》。(受訪者提供) 蔡霞芬將在「藝術!溫哥華」中展出其代表作品。(記者劉煥宇╱攝影)  蔡霞芬展出的一個雕塑作品是對著模特完成的。(受訪者提供) 即將於21日舉辦的「藝術!溫哥華」(Art!Vancouver)裡,本地華裔女藝術家蔡霞芬獲邀參展,是本次活動中為數不多的華裔藝術家之一。在開幕晚會上,她將和其他藝術家一樣,帶著自己的作品走一次舞台秀。 「藝術!溫哥華」是加西規模最大的國際藝術家作品展,共有100多位來自世界各地的知名畫家、攝影家及雕塑家參展,把觀眾帶入一個繽紛多彩的藝術世界。台灣移民藝術家蔡霞芬將在展出她的8幅畫作及一幅雕塑作品。 「世界日報」記者17日專訪蔡霞芬,有幸搶先欣賞到她的參展作品以及她的「從藝故事」。 蔡霞芬從台灣移民加拿大40年,從小就想從事藝術之路,卻不被父母支持。1974年來到加拿大後,過了一段時間,年近中年勇敢追求自我,在艾米麗卡爾(Emily Carr)藝術與設計大學接受專業的美術教育。 蔡霞芬介紹,早期受塞尚、高更及畢卡索影響,畫風比較偏後印象派原始畫派。但隨著個人閱歷以及對人、對事物及自然的關心,所讀、所看、所接觸慢慢融入畫中,畫風也漸漸延伸到目前帶有超現實主義的抽象表現。「人生有很多的軌跡,在見過許多文化和思想之後,人的內心也會變化,這樣的變化便會體現在創作上。」 ★談抽象畫…不用筆筆計較 對於外行人而言,抽象畫似乎是一種很難理解的藝術形式。蔡霞芬認為,其實完全不用怕,抽象的也是基於具象,不過藝術家會抓住其中的精髓,用抽象的形式來表達某種內心的感覺。因此只需要用心去感受畫中的感情,不一定要完全去弄明白每一筆的含義。 蔡霞芬還說,抽象畫並不是畫一些別人看不懂的就可以,其實要畫好抽象畫必須得先有如素描等傳統的繪畫基礎,當那些技巧已經應用於心時,才可以更自在地用筆表達出抽象思維。她引用畢卡索的名言:「或許我小時候就可以畫得跟拉斐爾大師一樣好,但我卻花了一輩子的時間學習跟小孩一樣作畫。」 ★泥塑創作…走古希臘風格 本次送展的作品中,有一幅名叫《相見在巴黎》的畫作。鮮艷的色調,或隱或現的人物形象,象徵巴黎時尚之風的大披肩,使整幅畫作充滿溫馨動感氣息。畫作《Discover》則布滿大小不同的眼睛,也借鑒畢加索畫作臉部正側面結合的風格,似乎要去探索這廣袤的世界。另一幅混合媒體創作藝術品《音樂》,老舊過時的黑膠唱片碎片分布在一位音樂家人像旁,充滿音樂的感染力和號召力。 除了畫畫和混合媒體藝術創作,蔡霞芬也擅長泥塑。一堆泥土在她手上捏、粘、削、刻,最後成形出神,有其獨到的魅力。本次參展的雕塑作品,是她對著一位模特現場完成,頗有幾分古希臘之風。 除了蔡霞芬,本次參展的知名藝術家還有來自鹽泉島的雕刻家Tom McPhee、來自英國倫敦的雕塑家Robert Bradford、來自加州的攝影師Brian Goodman、來自波士頓的珠寶藝術家Ingrid Goldbloom等。展出時間為21日至24日。地址:溫哥華會展中心。了解更多信息可上。

“艺术!温哥华”展览开幕,采访华裔参展艺术家蔡霞芬 加拿大华裔画家蔡霞芬(照片由本人提供) 加拿大国际广播及CBC/Radio-Canada版权所有 抄袭举报 网站 微信ID:radio-canada收听 从5月21日到24日,在温哥华会展中心有一个汇集了50多位本地和外国艺术家作品的展览“艺术!温哥华”。在星期四的开幕式上,展览主办者别出心裁地邀请参展者在开幕式上捧着自己的一幅作品“走秀”,让观众把艺术品和艺术家联系起来。温哥华的华裔艺术家蔡霞芬是走秀的“艺术家模特”之一。她在展览开幕前夕接受了加广的采访。 蔡霞芬在台湾出生和长大。她从小的理想就是当一个画家,但是大学上的却是图书馆系。这是因为,当她打算报考艺术学院时,她父亲的反应和大部分华人父母的反应一样:“当画家会饿死的!”。她于是从父命去上了一个实用的专业。 蔡霞芬画作《发现》 1974年移民到加拿大以后,蔡霞芬和其他移民一样,需要为生活奔忙,还要养育孩子。她一直没有放下画笔,但是一直要等到1989年才进入艾米莉.卡尔艺术学院学画,从此可以把主要精力用来做自己喜欢的事。 加拿大国际广播及CBC/Radio-Canada版权所有 抄袭举报 网站 微信ID:radio-canada 回想自己的经历,蔡霞芬说她是感恩的。上天在她出生时赐予她对艺术的易感之心。后来的生活,包括移民后为谋生去学了一年的建筑专业,都有助于她的艺术发展。父母没有支持她学画,使她在许多年后才实现少女时代的梦想。但是没有从一开始就走上艺术创作之路,也让她今天没有经济上的后顾之忧。所以她说,走弯路不要紧,只要坚持你的方向,最后总能到达你要去的地方。 蔡霞芬画作《相见在巴黎》 蔡霞芬的同乡、已故作家三毛也酷爱美术。她曾经说,小时候有一段时间曾经盼望毕加索活得久一些,好让她来得及长大去嫁给他。蔡霞芬也认为,论才华,勇气和创新的能力,毕加索是艺术史上第一人。在她的画风,尤其是她的色彩中,可以看到毕加索,以及印象派后期的塞尚、高更等人的影响。 加拿大国际广播及CBC/Radio-Canada版权所有 抄袭举报 网站 微信ID:radio-canada 采访蔡霞芬录音 加拿大国际广播及CBC/Radio-Canada版权所有 抄袭举报 网站 微信ID:radio-canada -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 相关链接: “艺术!温哥华”展览信息 蔡霞芬个人网站

ART! VANCOUVER 2016 ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: CECILIA AISIN-GIORO Cecilia Aisin-Gioro to exhibit again at Art! Vancouver; Aisin-Gioro Fine Art Gallery grand opening on Saturday, May 14, 2016. Cecilia Aisin-Gioro, The Stage – 3, 2015 Vancouver, BC: May 12, 2016 — Imagine living life in fear by virtue of your last name. For Cecilia Aisin-Gioro there was no imagining. As a descendent of the Qing Dynasty Royal Family in China, Cecilia Aisin-Gioro has lived anything but an […]

We are excited to bring you the first artist in our spotlight series, Teyjah McAren. McAren operates out of her own gallery, “Teyjah’s Art Den”, in Salmon Arm, British Columbia. Inspired by the ancient art of petroglyphs, cave paintings, and rock art, McAren employs symbolism to create abstract mixed media pieces that communicate a story to the viewer.   By applying layer upon layer of various mediums to produce a specific, unique texture and image, […]

Hi Art! Vancouver Community! This post is for anyone who is not familiar with social media contests, and would like to learn how to direct people to like their art submissions to the Art! Vancouver 2016 Poster Contest! This post will use Facebook as an example, but the procedure applies to Twitter and LinkedIn too. Follow these steps: Get onto the Facebook event page. It looks like this: In the red box where it says “write something” is […]

Hello to all our community members! Remember our 2015 Contest? Well, we’re back for 2016 and the prizes for this contest are going to blow your mind! Enter the challenge via Facebook and/or Twitter! Be the Artist for Our Official Exhibition Poster! General Conditions Participants hereby grant Art! Vancouver and its affiliates a non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide license to broadcast, publish, store, reproduce, distribute, syndicate, and otherwise use and exhibit the Submission (along with their name and […]

Written by Jay Banks – Published in Vancouver Homes with Jay Banks – September 29, 2015 – See original article here Vancouver Art Gallery Canadian artist Hugh KearneyHugh Kearney: The Rewards (2015), Vancouver Art Gallery Vancouver has long been home to some of the greatest artists in the world – Jeff Wall, Audrey Capel Doray, Jack Shadbolt, and Douglas Coupland, to name a few – and visual art has always played a major role in […]

Written by Shannon Little – Published by MetroLivingZine – July 27, 2015 – See original article here  ART! Vancouver Welcome Sign Shannon Little, Colette Valdock (Realtor), Photo Credit : RJ Haber ART! VANCOUVER July 27, 2015 Drafted by: Shannon Little One of my greatest passions is connecting people to others. Whether it is to further their careers, help with networking to promote themselves, a business, or just make new acquaintances and relationships. Generally, I write […]

Written by Kevin Griffin – Published by the Vancouver Sun – May 15, 2015 –

Testimonials from Art! Vancouver 2015 Exhibitors: “It was a privilege to exhibit my artworks at Art!Vancouver. The event provided an excellent platform to connect with the public; educate school children and to initiate business transactions.” – Kathleen Katon Tonnesen, Creative Director, Katon Artist Productions “Art! Vancouver was an awesome experience for me. Thank you to the visitors and organizers for the great job.” – Fabiola Martinez, 2015 Exhibitor, “Art! Vancouver was at a superb […]

Written by Stefani Seccia – Published by 24 Hour News Vancouver – See original article here.  Why doesn’t Vancouver have its own major art show? That’s the question that led Vancouver artist Lisa Wolfin Wayrynen to her idea of Art! Vancouver – a four-day local and international art fair coming to the Vancouver Convention this month. Cities like Toronto, New York and Los Angeles have world-renowned art events such as the Art Basel, which inspired […]

Art! Vancouver 2015 will feature 15-year old pop art sensation, Skyler Grey. Check out CBC’s coverage on the young talent in the link below. View link here.

Article By Nancy Lanthier – Originally posted on the Vancouver Sun – Read original here.  Miami, L.A., and New York have one. Toronto has three. But until now, Vancouver did not have an art fair. With the goal of making Art! Vancouver the next Art Basel, founder Lisa Wolfin has invited artists and galleries from B.C. and around the world to show and sell one-of-a-kind artworks during a four-day affair at the waterfront venue. While […]

Story by Cathryn Atkinson – Published by Pique News Magazine – Ready original here.    Art! Vancouver is a new exhibition to showcase B.C., Canadian and international art and connect the international fine arts community. Around 120 artists are exhibiting. Whistler will be represented at the show, in the form of the Adele Campbell Gallery and Whistler artist Julia Curphey. The show takes place at the Vancouver Convention Centre from Thursday, May 21 to Sunday, […]

Published by Westender – Written by Kelsey Klassen – See original story here An art fair inspired by the world-renowned Art Basel experience is making its debut in Vancouver this week. Art! Vancouver, a four-day art buying expo featuring artists and galleries from around the world, will take place at the Vancouver Convention Centre from May 21-24.   Event creator Lisa Wolfin, an artist who has a long history of organizing art shows on the […]

Published on World Journal – May 25, 2015 – See original story here  為期4天的首屆「溫哥華藝術展Art! Vancouver」21日起至24日在溫市會展中心登場,全球逾百位藝術家一起展出千餘件作品,喜好藝術的民眾可前往參觀。 「溫哥華藝術展Art! Vancouver」創辦人沃芬(Lisa Wolfin)語帶興奮地說,她多年從事藝術創作,在溫哥華舉辦大型國際展的想法,早在腦中盤旋多年。她走訪巴黎、波士頓和羅馬等地,向當地的藝廊洽談策展構想,親自邀請藝術家到溫哥華展覽。終於2015年首屆「溫哥華藝術展Art! Vancouver」盛大舉行,來自義大利、阿根廷、新加坡、美國和加拿大東西岸的藝術家百餘人,在85個展間中展示千餘件作品。 來自美國的創意總監費斯曼(Eial Fishman)表示,他受到沃芬的熱情感召,前來協助策展。費斯曼說,21日晚開幕的「溫哥華藝術展Art! Vancouver」,藝術家們捧著作品走台步,將作品介紹給大眾,後續每年的展覽都將定在5月舉行。他說,活動不僅可讓藝術家賣畫給收藏家,也能讓各國的藝廊發掘有潛力的創作者,促進國際畫壇交流。 參展的畫家愛新覺羅˙恒欽是道光皇帝六子恭親王奕訢的曾孫女,末代皇家溥儀的姪孫女,自幼師從著名畫家陳逸飛習畫,擅長工筆油畫。談起繪畫的學程和風格,恒欽說感謝祖母軟硬兼施地督促,今日她才有機會在加拿大以畫結交天下友人。恒欽指出,工筆畫需靜心細繪,加拿人偏好重油彩大肌理油畫,她以40多年的工筆繪畫基礎,開始創作各式題材的油畫,包括用女兒的形象融入幼年鄉居的記憶,繪成「嬰兒取蛋圖」,取名「風穿過的地方」之西藏女孩、帶有純樸鄉間風格的「老門新氣象」、「三雞圖」、色彩瑰麗的「山海日照」等作品。 奈及利亞裔的獨臂畫家Ifesieh Jude擅長3D畫作,採點繪式畫法,以細小的圓點和葉片勾勒出母子圖,橘藍黑黃各種顏色協調地分布在畫布,構成一幅有強烈個人特色的畫作。其濃烈的非裔風格,精巧的筆觸,描繪出女性的多情與柔媚。喜歡畫鳥的美國畫家Rose Tanner常在鄉野間素描,先快速繪出鳥類的輪廓後,再依據拍下的相片上色,每幅作品約花三天至一周時間完成。 「溫哥華藝術展Art! Vancouver」22日至23日的展出時間為下午12時至晚上8時,24日下午12時至下午5時,網路購票較優惠,成人15元,青少年8元;門口購票,成人20元,青少年10元。相關訊息查詢網站,。

Public opinion shows that the top 5 most liked art works in the Art! Vancouver 2015 contest are: 5. with 175 likes,   “Spanish Banks” Oil on Canvas by Caroline O’Neill Liggett 4. with 187 likes “Secret Cove Arbutus” Acrylic Painting by Lori Morris 3. with 220 likes “4 Seasons Tree” Acrylic on Canvas x4 Panels By April Lacheur 2. with 231 likes “Coastal Commute” Acrylic on Canvas, 16×20 By Miesje Mesha […]

Art! Vancouver will feature the charity Alley Outreach Project. In summary, Alley Outreach Project is a student-run charity based out of local high schools. They are primarily focused on the Downtown Eastside community but advocate for the broader social issues or addiction, mental health, homelessness, gender issues, etc. At the moment they are almost entirely student run. The founder, Mark Lindsay, is an ext oxy-addict and at the beginning of every year he comes to […]

For information about the Jerry Garcia Foundation, click here. The Garcia Family in Sweden Photographer: Vince DiBiase Below are art works done by Jerry Garcia, his wife Manasha Garcia, and their daughter Keelin Garcia, who is now an emerging artist: Seascape: Jerry Garcia Watercolor 1992 California Mission: Jerry Garcia Watercolor 1992 A Rose in Winterland: Manasha Garcia Mixed Media 2008 Garcia Weir Gallery Standing Man: Keelin Garcia Oil Painting 2010 For more art works done by the […]

Published by – See original story (in Japanese) 地元と海外のギャラリーやアーティストたちに作品を発表する機会を与えたいということで生まれたこのイベントでは、カナダのみならず世界中のアートがバンクーバーに集まります。 さらに、ファッション・ショウのようにアーティストが作品と一緒にキャットウォークを歩く「The Art Runway」や、ガイド付のアート・ツアー、ゲストの講演会などが予定されています。今からワクワクしてしまいますね! Read more

This blog article will write in depth about one of Art! Vancouver’s supporters: Vancouver Art Gallery’s Art Rental & Sales. Come to Art! Vancouver to meet other supporters of Art! Vancouver. There are over 800 artworks currently in the Art Rental & Sales program, representing a broad cross-section of contemporary art in British Columbia. Artworks include a variety of mediums; photography, painting, drawing and collage, all available to view in their Showroom on the first […]

It’s a question that most artists regularly hear, “What inspires you as an Artist?” Inspiration is a curious idea. The amount of influences that can affect the nature and creativity of an artist’s work is countless, and to pinpoint a true inspiration is difficult, to say the least. Yet, it is without question that each artist has their own unique set of influences that brings inspiration to their artwork. This range of diversity has led me […]

Can’t find a way to Art! Vancouver but still want to be involved with Vancouver’s first international art fair? Well, Artists in Canada has an answer for you! Artists in Canada, if you didn’t already know, is a free-to-use Canadian artist, art gallery, and art resource directory. Created in 2000 to better expose Canadian artists and art galleries to the general public, the website has also provide a platform and resource to communicate with potential […]

  Kathy van Gogh has been a decorative artist since 2001 and has trained and received mentorship under a variety of modern and traditional Canadian, American, Italian, and French masters of decorative art forms. After nearly 15 years in the industry, van Gogh has become widely recognized for her jaw-dropping transformations of drywall into beautiful marbles, exotic woods, and complex finishes. Her beautiful work can be seen in some of the most prestigious homes and […]