Mohammad Reza Atashzad

Mohammad Reza Atashzad

By Devon Michael 


There is a moment that an artist becomes a master, and once upon a time we thought of that moment as the final stroke of a Masterpiece; a unique work that defines the transition from a studying artist to a Master. Looking at Mohammad Reza Atashzad, I wish I could have been there to see it. After all, I would call ‘extraordinary moments’ his forte as an artist. Somehow, he makes ordinary places appear as how I wish dreams would.


Atashzad, as he is known, comes to us from Iran, born in Esfahan in 1958. His degree from the Esfahan School of Fine Arts and the Shahid Beheshti University of Iran in Architecture, which appears in his careful and exquisite inclusion of architectural work in his scenes. However, his attention to detail isn’t limited to the subtlety of human construct. His watercolor tends to capture ordinary moments, as I said, but with the kind of careful lyricism I expect from poetry. The scenes themselves are often fleeting but frozen in extraordinary timelessness; both delicate and bursting with possibility, calm and visually stunning. 


It is easy to see why he’s a veteran of the world’s art exhibitions. Not only has he been an exhibitor at Art! Vancouver since the very beginning, he has, in fact, exhibited his work at more than a hundred individual and group expos all over the world.




Atashzad is a Master of watercolor, but more importantly, perhaps, his work is universally accessible. His paintings are both precise and beautiful; valuable from any angle by which you approach them. A testament to that is his publication of more than five hundred original greeting cards and posters, as well as five albums and a book of his selected works.


For more that 30 years he’s also served as an educator in Iran, actively teaching from his very own art academy, of which he is the Director. Even so, he has also found the time to begin teaching in Vancouver at our local institutes and community centers. More information about learning from a Master of watercolor, see what he his incredible techniques have to offer on his website . Better yet, meet him at the end of May and see them in person.


P.S. Artist signatures fascinating, I think, perhaps because I’m a writer, perhaps because I think you can tell something about a person by how they print themselves. If you have the opportunity to visit Atashzad’s display this year at Art! Vancouver, look for his signature. It’s as just as fine and lyrical as his watercolors.


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