Kirsten Nash

Kirsten Nash

By Devon Michael 


Art! Vancouver loves artists like Kirsten. She’ll be displaying with us at the end of May to showcase her oil and acrylic work in our epic showroom. We love artists like Kirsten because she is one of those “tip of the iceberg” artists exhibitors, so to speak. Here’s an elliptical ‘why that is’:


Art is a funny thing. It’s also a lot of things beyond funny that are harder to define. Art is the ancient nemesis of politics, it tackles human intangibles like sexuality, empathy, individuality, and it’s also what people usually aspire to do when we’re not too preoccupied with trying to make money. Kinda like how I think rock’n’roll started out.

But the real era that brought those ideas to life was the Renaissance; a moment when art was reborn and people started blending forms together and blending them into civilization. DaVinci was one of those cats.




Kirsten is a Renaissance Woman who defines what Art! Vancouver is all about to me: the inclusiveness of creative brilliance and bringing artists together. She’s an award-winning musician, published writer, touring jam-band veteran and composer whose projects range from EP’s to albums to off-broadway rock-operas. I hear she’s working in fiction now. Tip of the iceberg.


One way of looking at art is to look at an artist’s work, try and find the common theme or thread, and then follow it to some greater truth, or something. I’m pretty clever at explaining stuff but dammit if I feel like I don’t have enough words for Kirsten. It’s worth mentioning that being a Jill-of-all-trades poses challenges. Finding an audience is one, because how do you expect people to like what you do when what you do changes? But then I got to know her work, and I had to ask myself ‘why is it I like all the different things she does?’ Then I started laughing because I figured out what she’s doing; it’s rock and roll.


Her music is rock and roll, and it’s other things… and her art is rock and roll, and it’s other things, too. I don’t really mean the genre, more the groove of it. The blend of culture and sound and lifestyle and history and all of it.


Being multi-talented sometimes comes across as not being able to pick an idea and stick with it. But who’s ever said that of The Beatles? The reason being, it’s all the same voice, all the same enthusiasm, all the same honesty. Kirsten brings us a blend of ideas, styles, of Renaissance, and Rock. Stories, not a niche or a market, but a collection of visual art as an album; different ideas brought together in a way only Kirsten could assemble them. To say she’s multi-talented is to trivialize how much ground she covers, both in style and creative integrity. She’s everywhere but never all-over-the-place, and I can’t sum her work up in a sentence. She’s classical, contemporary, folk. She’s accessible. She’s immediate. She’s rock and roll. She’s freakin’ groovy, and she’ll be with us at the end of May at the Art! Vancouver Expo for her third year in a row and I can’t wait to see what the Renaissance Woman has for us this time.


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