Jan Kasparec Goes to India

Jan Kasparec Goes to India

Written by Kirsten Larsen

“If I made your mind stop for a moment, if I made you feel good while looking at my paintings, then you have come back home, and all my efforts were worth it.”












Art! Vancouver artist Jan Kasparec is a highly accomplished artist living in Vancouver BC. Originally from the Czech Republic, his life has been a constant quest for liberation and peace. For close to four years he has been painting full time – seven days a week, many hours a day, tucked away in his serene and zen like art studio at 1000 Parker Street Studios, an artist hub located in East Vancouver.


As an active yogi and meditator, his is work is largely inspired by his deep connection to the spiritual realm, or as he would say the “Higher self” or the “Source”. The beautiful images of Buddha, light beings, nature and animals are all messages that he receives while sitting in silence.


Jan views himself as a humble messenger, believing his purpose is to help awaken humanity to a higher level of awareness by sharing his vibrant paintings. The messages are loud and clear, they are here to bring us back to the love and peace within each of us, which he believes is the only way to bring lasting change to this world. He paints in oil and mixes his own unique colour palettes that have become a staple of his work.


Breaking away from all things of the norm, Jan turned his back on gallery representation and instead forged his own path, building his own private list of notable clients with great success. This enables him to travel the world, where he receives further inspiration for his work.


Travel is in his blood, Jan has visited around 100 countries by now. This month he is buying a one-way ticket to visit his family in Europe for Christmas. Then he his off to spiritual journey in Asia and India for an undisclosed amount of time.


For more information visit his Facebook page: www.facebook.com/jankasparecpaintings


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