How to Direct People to “Like” your Art Work on Social Media

How to Direct People to “Like” your Art Work on Social Media

Hi Art! Vancouver Community!

This post is for anyone who is not familiar with social media contests, and would like to learn how to direct people to like their art submissions to the Art! Vancouver 2016 Poster Contest!

This post will use Facebook as an example, but the procedure applies to Twitter and LinkedIn too.

Follow these steps:

Get onto the Facebook event page. It looks like this:


In the red box where it says “write something” is where you upload an image of your entry. After uploading,  press “enter” on your keyboard to submit your art to the contest/post onto the event page.

Your entry will appear in the “Discussion” section(in the blue box), right next to the “About” section on the event page.

Click on the “Discussion” section and scroll down to see all the entries that have been entered so far.


To direct people onto your entry, you have to click on your image that appears in the Discussion session:



When you click on the image, the image enlarges and your screen looks like this:



Copy the URL on your screen (like shown on the above image) and paste that URL onto wherever you want to share your entry! People will have to click on that URL and then press “Like” on the enlarged image.

Ta-dah! That is how you direct people to like your art work on Facebook.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to leave a comment or message us on social media, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Good luck!
Art! Vancouver Team

Header Image: ““Heart of the Spirits”, 2015, by Ari De La Mora, Art! Vancouver 2016 Exhibitor

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