Hannah Niki

Hannah Niki

By Devon Michael


I was impressed with Hannah Niki’s design right off the get, not because I know anything about kiln-forging, but for something quite silly on my part. It impresses me very much when an artist can not only create something beautiful, in this case, glass sometimes made to look how the cosmos might appear from a distance, but then to also have the innovation to hand the thing to you and say, “here, it’s also a sink.” Or a table. 


When I think of glass artistry, I think of blown glass, but the specialty at StudioG3, where Hannah works as the Project Designer, is custom designed sand carved and kiln-forged glass. They make countertops, sink bowls, shower panels, and all sorts of things. It’s the kind of work that is made to have utility and durability. It is nothing like the delicate baubles that often don’t survive from one Christmas to the next. Even so, the craftsmanship of the glass appears just as delicate, if not a thousand times more likely to be passed on to your children. At least the smaller pieces they do. It’s hard to pass on art that’s an immovable part of the architecture.



So, it’s glass, it’s pretty, it’s sturdy, and it ranges from hanging displays to permanent home fixtures. So what is Hannah work in a sentence? She designs architectural glass artwork. Sounds aggressive, right? It’s not. It’s like water turned to stone, or light made to emulate smoke, or tables that appear to float. That’s just the bits that I’ve seen. There’s so much more they do, her and her studio. The sheer variety of textures produced by the techniques employed are breathtaking and appeal to your sense of touch as often as your eyes.


Spectacular is a fun way to put it. It is spectacular to take a bathroom sink and make it into a spectacle. It’s marvelous. However, you would be challenged to let StudioG3 design your dining room, because with the quality of the glass, and Hannah’s design, the food you would have to serve to compete with her work… well, I remember a scene from the movie Hook, in which Robin Williams engages in a food fight, remember? Throwing colorful globs or what Peter Pan, Lost Boys, and Faeries might have for dinner. That’s what you should be prepared for in a room that Hanna’s been set free to design.


If you can’t make it Port Coquitlam to StudioG3, come to Art! Vancouver downtown, end of May, and see what she’s showing. I have no idea what she’s going to bring, and to my honest astonishment, I really can’t guess. Her work varies, but the quality does not. www.g3artgallery.com


Art! Vancouver runs May 25th – 28th 2017

Get your tickets at: http://artvancouver.net/attend/

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