Tatiana Anisimova

Tatiana Aisimova, Grape, 2015

Tatiana Anisimova, Artist


I have been painting since I was 2. I have try different medium like oil, acryli­c, pastel.. At present time I work with watercolors. I’m self-taught artist and got education in biology/medicine in Russia. I was working as a researcher-biochemist for my PHD. My publications/articles all are in medical journals. Conferences and reports a­re from biological field of research. But I have never left out my paintings. Then I spent about 6 years living i­n Mexico learning Spanish and now I’m in Canada, Vancouver. The most of all I love nature and paint. I like very detailed work with many features and sometimes paint from a photograph. Love to paint fruits, flowers, insects, birds. Imagination that the most powerful thing to create! My close look at nature like a biologist is my inspiration to create!