Shakun Jhangiani

Shakun Jhangiani, Ethereal Waters, 2016

Shakun Jhangiani, artist

“I am intuitively drawn to the healing spirit of nature and find inspiration in all of the myriad textures and colors that surround us. Painting takes me to a quieter more reflective space. I hope my work conveys this sense of calm and centeredness to the viewer.”


Known for her distinctive signature style, contemporary artist Shakun Jhangiani credits her teachers at ECIAD, Martin Guderna and the late artist Margaretha Bootsma for inspiring her to break free from traditional oil painting methods. ‘Thinking outside the box’ has always defined Shakun’s resourceful and creative mind-set so it was only natural for her to experiment with and explore the versatility of using acrylics as a medium and in doing so she soon discovered and established her own unique vocabulary of innovative mixed media techniques.


A life member of the Bombay Art Society in India, board member of the Northshore Artists’ Guild and member of CARFAC, Federation of Canadian Artists and other galleries/associations in Vancouver, Shakun continues to paint and exhibit her work in juried solo and group shows at galleries and other venues across Vancouver, BC. She is also a regular participant at trade and design shows in Vancouver and Toronto. A selection of her paintings was exhibited at SCOPE Miami during Art Basel 2014. This is her second time exhibiting at the international ART! Vancouver show.


Her paintings feature in private collections in India, Canada, Ireland, USA & South America. Two of her paintings are in the art collection of the Lions Gate Hospital Foundation. CityScape Gallery, in North Vancouver continues to carry a juried selection of her work in the Art Rental & Sales Program.


Shakun enjoys collaborating with designers and homeowners to create paintings in custom sizes or colors.  She can be reached directly by phone or email.

604 725 9179