Nejood Al-Sehrewerdi

Nejood Al-Sehrewerdi, Traditional Egyptian Necklace, 2015

Nejood Al-Sehrewerdi, artist

Vancouver BC artist Nejood Al-Sehrewerdi was born in Baghdad (Iraq), and lived several years in the Middle East, Canada and the UK. Nejood is a self-taught artist with a deep-rooted passion for arts and crafts. She practices in various mediums, creating unique one-of-a-kind compositions.

Nejood is particularly drawn to Ethnic Jewelry, Arabic Calligraphy and Traditional Architecture, forms seen across the Mediterranean, Middle East, Africa and Asia. “These are elements I have opened my eyes onto, such as inherited culture, artistic passion from parents and from their travels abroad, seeing pictures and postcards, these have all continued to connect my art. I bring culture with me; wherever I travel I bring back new ideas to my collection that feed into building a visual collage and reservoir of memories that inspire my work.”


Ethnic Jewelry (Paintings):

“From my observations the role of jewelry has changed over time. Ethnic jewelry was often crafted with symbols and represented the identity of cultures and tribes, and quite contrast to the jewelry of today. The ethnic jewelry is predominantly made from silver or gold, often embellished with calligraphy or written prayers, and precious or semi-precious stones.”

“These treasures from the past are being erased from memory; in some countries the silver is being melted and used towards making new pieces of modern jewelry, away from their original design and meaning. I sought to preserve the memory of the original pieces of jewelry and extend their life as to not be forgotten, in order that these can be seen and enjoyed, their tales shared in a new spirit – in a more contemporary way through my acrylic paintings. I explore new avenues to represent the pieces in a new light, with touches of embellishments to bring the pieces to life.”

Arabesque (Mixed-Media on Canvas):

“Using a selection of resources and individually placed embellishments, I carefully design and piece together a collage canvas, to create an imaginative Arabesque perspective, and I invite the viewer to create their own tales with what they see.”

Nejood has exhibited a collection of oil paintings at the University of Baghdad Art Gallery.
Whilst living in the UK, her watercolor and acrylic paintings were shown in a group exhibition in London.

Her oil paintings were exhibited at the West Vancouver Key Meek Center alongside fellow artists.

In 2015, Nejood took part in a juried exhibition entitled ‘Windows On Culture’ at the Ferry Building Gallery in West Vancouver.

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