Michele Righetti

Michele Righetti, Moto Heros, 2015

Michele Righetti, artist

A painter and sculptor, Michele Righetti was born near Florence, Italy in 1974.


The artist is described as an incisive contemporary thinker of art able to master inter-disciplinary techniques and styles through paintings and sculptures.


His journey in fine arts began in 1997 in Florence, where Michele was selected to be part of the creative team of private art atelier of Slovakian Maestro Stano Dušik, studying fine arts techniques and working hands-on within specific art projects for three years in Europe and Canada.


Active as a painter and sculptor in the region of South East Asia since the year 2002, Michele established his workshop in 2006 in Singapore, where he has gained a reputation for being a distinguished visual artist and worked extensively in curating art collections for hospitality, corporate and private collectors.


A unique and fascinating imaginary world is revealed in each unique art piece, stories deeply rooted within life experiences, memories, different cultures and fascination for nature elements.


The artist mainly works on four open collections of paintings, ‘Paesaggi Remoti’ (Abstract Landscapes), ‘The Author’s Emotions’ (Bright & Colourful Lifestyle Scenes), ‘Catch The Moment’ (A Visual Diary On South East Asian Life & Culture), ‘Open Studio’ (Quirky Fairy Portraits & Pop Art) to which he adds new works every year.