Maureen Challier

Maureen Challier , Red Crescendo, 2015

Maureen Challier, artist

Maureen Challier is an abstract artist who resides in Vancouver and Calgary. Her father was a hardrock miner who travelled with his young family throughout the province of B.C. Through these experiences in the harsh northern B.C. interiors Maureen began to dream her dreams.”Colours and Images and Music.” The first time I picked up a paint brush and caressed the canvas my spirit became alive. My greatest joy is to see the reactions of people entering my studio. If they become emotional and moved by my Art, then I have done my job as an Artist. For me Art is about colour, bold colours and bold strokes with a thick palette creating its own movement and emotions. The Art just does its own thing. When I try to force it, it just doesn’t work. It has its own spirit.