Kathleen Tonnesen

Kathleen Tonnesen, Jeffery Sweet Time, 2013

Kathleen Tonnesen, artist

Kathleen Katon Tonnesen – Kathleen’s ultimate goal is to conduct research on the possible effects to be found within brain circuitry, as a direct result of learning drawing skills.  This, with the intention of gaining statistical data, in support of her argument pertaining to the educational benefits of including visual fine art instruction in school curriculum.

Born ‘to paint’ 1963, she was raised in Cape Town, South Africa.  Enthusiastic and determined, she has carved a professional career as a working artist since 1990. Having performed in numerous theatrical plays and also working as a painter of theatre sets; she specializes in large-scale artworks including sculpture and murals.  She is excited when challenged; capturing spontaneous energy, movement and emotion.  Her delight is extended into book illustrations and writing.  Her passion is children and unleashing the child within the adult, thereby encouraging personal growth.  Kathleen is dedicated to inspiring the human spirit and is a frequent Early Childhood Education guest speaker, magic workshop instructor and art workshop instructor.  She is currently completing a Bachelor of Arts, Psychology (major) through Thompson Rivers University and practices Yoshinkan Aikido. www.katon.myartchannel.com