Katherine Stone

Katherine Stone, Furs, 2016

Katherine Stone, artist

Katherine Stone (b. 1986) has been steadily acquiring international recognition for her meticulously detailed still life and figurative paintings. In recent years her still life paintings have received acknowledgment in many popular art competitions and magazines, including the Art Renewal Center, International Artist Magazine, and Southwest Art Magazine. Her skill in portraiture has garnered recognition by the Portrait Society of Canada, the Portrait Society of America, and has led to an appearance on Bravo! – Show Star Portraits.


Having always believed that still life painting does not get its full due, Stone has dedicated herself to creating stunning, large-scale still life paintings that are no less detailed for their size.  A recurring theme in her still life painting is music, portrayed either in the form of a musical instrument or birds, and sometimes in the form of poem fragments incorporated into the paintings themselves.  Stone draws tremendous inspiration from poetry, following in the tradition of the Victorian painters who did the same.  Many of her paintings’ titles are derived from the lines of poetry that inspired them.


Using family members as her models, her figurative work often focuses on childhood—the challenging and sometimes mysterious project of growing up and learning about the world around us.  These paintings are not saccharine or warm; the children in these images have all the depth and breadth of being of grown ups.


Stone lives and paints on Vancouver Island with her artist husband, David Gluck.  Together they immerse themselves in their inspiration, and as a result, every windowsill and cabinet in their house is filled with a hectic display of still life objects.  Having developed their aesthetic in tandem, they often share props and models, gallery shows and publications.