Karin Taylor

Karin Taylor, Yoga Stretch, 2016

Karin Taylor, artist

Karin Taylor is a Dutch born wildlife artist, who started out as a watercolor artist in the early 90’s. She and her family lived and worked in the Far and Middle East for many years before immigrating to western Canada in 1997. Whilst overseas she discovered her passion was caring for as well as painting wildlife. She became the house artist for the Jakarta Friends of the Zoo during her stay in Indonesia.

Currently she creates wildlife statues out of wood cellulose (unique to North America) as well as mixed media acrylic wildlife paintings. The ‘theme’ for 2016 will be ‘yoga bears’.

Her feather and 3D art were a part of the Western Art Show of the Calgary Stampede for over 15 years now and she has done tv specials for HGTV and Chinese/Canadian TV.  She moved from Calgary to Vancouver in 2015.