Julia Veenstra

Julia Veenstra, Rest Stop, 2016

Julia Veenstra, artist

Often, and quite distractingly, how I see the world is translated into “how can I paint that?”  Let me be the passenger in a car as I will want to observe the surroundings, capture how the lights and shadows are playing out and generally take mental snapshots of where I am.

I am a colourful and lively painter.  I use light, shadow and movement in my work and am attracted to shape and pattern.    This is reflected in my painting style that I have termed “impressionistic representational”.  Negative space to me is as interesting as positive and is often the focus of a piece.  I work backwards from the positive in the image and paint the background last.  This is a layered technique that suits me well and I enjoy what happens.

I have travelled extensively and lived in four different countries.  My years in Africa pulled from me a response that required colour and movement.  Upon returning to Canada I am fascinated by the turn my painting has taken.  Not turning from but building upon what I learned in Africa to create a body of work recently that reflects me today.   I am daily challenged by my environment.  I desire to grow and expand in my expression and interpretation of the world around me and to respond to that moment in time that requires translation onto canvas.

When I exhibit my work I am always pleased with the response that it brings.  “It makes me happy” is a term I hear often.  I enjoy this as being happy is a state I try to live in.  Painting is fun and my work reflects that.

I am a studio painter and enjoy my days in my studio/gallery in Hamilton Ontario.  My work is presently represented by galleries from Montreal to Kelowna.  I have to paint.  It is as I breathe.