Janna Kumi

Janna Kumi, As We Are, 2015

Janna Kumi, artist

My work focuses on the contemplation of the unseen or overlooked. When investigating the human condition, I attempt to express an emotion on a macro level – in spite of our differences; we experience the emotions of loving, longing and loss in similar ways.  In the fleeting nature of life itself, we are all the same.  Working with layers of colour or repetition of shapes allows self-reflection, the interplay of the colour choices contributing to the expression of mood.  For me, the process of layering depicts the complexity of human society’s own evolution and my personal growth through time.

I have had a long and rewarding career in the forest industry, but after a major illness, I had to review my priorities. I decided to pick up and complete what I left long ago.  After fine art studies at Emily Carr University and a Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of British Columbia, I now pursue my last career with passion and commitment that comes from a lifetime of experience.