Horst Loewel

Horst Loewel, artist

“Horst Loewel’s paintings depict the majestic beauty of nature. His courageous use of intense colour, dreamlike perspectives and powerful symbols reserves us a seat at the edge of the universe. The absence of figures portrays nature’s supremacy over human narcissism.

Loewel’s work is both visually breathtaking and itellectually challenging. It forces the examination of values and meaning of life. He delivers subtle yet gripping philosophical statements which force the elevation of human consciousness. His content is cutting edge progressive, yet his style is as naturalistic as the old masters.

Born in Germany, studied in Bonn, Munster and Cologne, this world-class artist is a product of the fantastic surrealistic school of art. His work has been exhibited at premier galleries throughout Europe and North America. Now a resident of Qualicum Beach, Loewel’s work continues to evolve as he leads us into the beyond.”

– Dr. Ernest Rivait –