Helen Utsal

Helen Utsal, Red Tree, 2015

Helen Utsal, artist

The extraordinary natural beauty found in the Pacific Northwest calls for big expression and gesture.

Vancouver Island artist Helen Utsal describes the patterns, light and movement of ancient trees, big skies and reflective waters in an impressionistic and personal way.

  ‘I paint with loose watery acrylics when I base out a picture to express the vitality and exuberance of the landscape. Currently many of my paintings are about catching a glimpse of the sun through the trees. Looking up, the leaves appear to be flying up and away like a flock of birds. The viewer feels lifted, and hopeful. My landscape paintings evoke in the viewer a feeling that resonates with their own connection to Nature ‘

Helen Utsal is a member of CARFAC and the Federation of Canadian Artists. She is a co-founder of Art Alchemy Studio, a diverse collective of artists sharing creative workspace in Courtenay, BC