Giuliana Mottin

Giuliana Mottin, artist


  • Art! Vancouver, Canada. Vancouver Convention Center. A Giuliana Mottin Project. May 26 – 29th, 2016.
  • Faulkner Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA. Group Exhibition “Abstract Open II”. April 1st – 29th, 2016.
  • Sync Gallery, Denver, CO. “Equinox” group exhibition. February 18 – March 12, 2016.
  • The Arts Fund Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA. “The Artist’s Balls” Group exhibition, December 4th – January 30th 2016.
  • X Contemporary Art Fair, Miami Beach. KH Fine Art Projects, December 2 – 6, 2015.
  • The Arts Fund Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA. Group exhibition, September 11th – 26, 2015.
  • Louisville Art Association 30th Anniversary Fine Art Show, Louisville, CO. Group Exhibition. September 5 – 13, 2015.
  • The Hud Gallery, Ventura, CA. Summer Juried Exhibition. Group exhibition July 10th – August 2, 2015.
  • Art Vancouver, Canada. Vancouver Convention Center. Giuliana Mottin Project. May 21 – 24, 2015.  
  • SELECT FAIR New York, Center 548 Chelsea, New York. Solo Exhibition. May 13-17, 2015.
  • EAFA Gallery, Seattle, WA. Seattle Design Center. Group exhibition, March 2 to May 1st, 2015.
  • SELECT FAIR Miami, FL. A Giuliana Mottin Project. December 4 – 7, 2014.
  • Brasil Arts, Santa Barbara, CA. Solo exhibition. September 4 – 24, 2014.
  • Galeria Zero, Amsterdam. Group show in Basel Switzerland at GZ-Basel. June 19 – 22, 2014. 
  • SELECT FAIR NEW YORK at The Altman Building, New York, NY. May 8-11, 2014.
  • DNA Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA. A Giuliana Mottin | Sean Kalen Blake Project. April 18th to May 4th, 2014. (CONTINUED NEXT PAGE)
  • Alternative Art Space Gallery, Boston, MA. A Fernando DeOliveira | Giuliana Mottin Project. April 4 – 14 2014. 
  • Montecito Contemporary Art Show, Santa Barbara, CA. A Charlie C. Patton | Giuliana Mottin Project. March 15 – 24, 2014.
  • SELECT FAIR at The Catalina Hotel, Miami Beach, FL. December 4 – 8, 2013.
  • Medulla Core of Art and Beauty, New York, NY, “Un Voyage Dans Le Temps” solo exhibition, October 23 – December 1, 2011.
  • L Gallery, New York, NY, “Unconscious Disorder” group exhibition, April 2009.
  • Cafe Do Prado, Porto Alegre, Brazil. Solo exhibition, March 1999.
  • Florencio Ygartua Gallery, Porto Alegre, Brazil. Group exhibition, September 1998.






My newest series “Daily Candy” are a long-lasting color study made with paint drops. I called an allegorical celebration of chaos. The dots are about repetition and difference. My body movements are constantly the same while I insert the paint drops not in the same order, which causes several variations and makes each painting unique. Lately, these paintings are becoming more and more complex as my inspiration evolves from being a color study to translating feelings or images simply with dots. From a vast study on colors and moods, I now transcend to interactive “Daily Candy” installations.


My first Daily Candy installation is “The Fortune Teller”.  The “ready made” Gum Ball Machine is an introduction to a different perspective of its utility. The interaction with an object and gumballs that reminds us of our childhood is a vehicle to better connect to our inner child. Therefore, giving a more candid and honest approach with the viewer. A single gumball carrying a unique message to its reader generates an exiting and distinct experience.