Gaby Saliba

Gaby Saliba, Angel Dust, 2015

Gaby Saliba, artist

My childhood interest in art matured into a love for photography and painting by my early twenties. I have a deep appreciation for beauty in the natural world and within the human spirit.

I am a well established  photographer and mixed media artist working around Vancouver. Currently, I am working on several personal projects to create original figurative art that is both classy and artistic.

My vision is to create art that changes the world and reflects the spirit and emotions of the human condition. I am passionate about my creative process, from idea inception to finished product.

I am a professional photographer shooting both in studio and on location for fitness, swimsuit, art, fashion, glamour, or anything that intrigues me. In recent years, I have been experimenting with the incorporation of different elements such as water, flour, milk, and different light sources.

My body of work evolved from photography to the world of acrylic paint and mixed media to create original artwork that stands out. This work is later applied to hand crafted wooden supports and canvases.

My other body of work narrates an authentic adventure through the Canadian wilderness.  I travel to the deepest points of the Canadian back country to capture images of nature and wild life.


I am a strong believer in loving what I do. Or even better, doing what I love.