David Gluck

David Gluck, The Hunt, 2015

David Gluck, artist

David Gluck (b. 1979) immigrated to Canada after meeting his wife, artist Katherine Stone.  Nearly a decade of painting together has shaped their artistic vision in tandem.  Collectors will often spot the same props and models appearing in both artists’ oeuvres.

Gluck’s education has been eclectic and varied, comprised of brief stints of study the world over, from New Mexico to Italy, from France to Canada.  It has been through his self-directed and independent course of study that Gluck developed his distinct imagery; whereas other artists his age are exploring the female form in conventional terms, Gluck has gravitated towards a weird and beautiful aesthetic incorporating antique garments and macabre props.  His Day of the Dead series has garnered much attention in American art magazines and competitions and remains popular with American collectors.  More recently he has focused on his hunting themed paintings—paintings that celebrate the spirit of the early settlers of the Americas.  Male and female subjects alike are portrayed grappling with the elements in a bid to find a balance with nature.  In these paintings you will find weathered old trappers and young women tracking in the wild.

Gluck’s still life paintings are gritty and earthy where other artists try to be polished and beautiful.  He is attracted to the rugged and worn in both his models and his props.  In his work you will find characters and objects made beautiful by the indelible imprint of time, use, and exposure to the elements.  His subject matter forms the basis of an unconventional Vanitas theme—within his still life paintings you will find emblems of life, death, and rebirth, but not in the form of traditional motifs.  Modern objects—guns, machinery—and objects from his daily life—artifacts found outdoors and family heirlooms, form the library of his still life objects.

Gluck has lived and painted on Vancouver Island since 2011.