Bec Watson

Bec Watson, Two Men and a Boat, 2015

Bec Watson, Artist

Bec Watson is an accomplished Tasmanian artist with her own style and a unique view on life that is reflected in her art. Bec studied at university and gained her Bachelors Degree in Visual art in 2004 and her Masters in Contemporary art in 2013. Bec’s choice of subject is not what defines her work, but rather, it is her view of the world and the nature of life that fascinates and inspires her. Bec has an esoteric understanding for life and enjoys practices that reflect these ideas, such as Wabi Sabi, Sumi painting and Zen philosophies.

Bec’s practice involves allowing a highly textured surface to build through the continued application of paint that is applied while her head is turned away from the painting surface, hence permitting for peripheral vision only. This, she believes allows the intuitive and comprehensive right brain powers of the subconscious mind to make the final decision for the paint’s application.