Fiona Howarth

Fiona Howarth, Glacier Lagoon #1, 2015

Fiona Howarth, artist

And then there were none. This exhibit examines the transformation of nature both by time and human contact. By focusing primarily on resource use and energy transportation our interaction with the surrounding land is scrutinized. My photographic aesthetic revolves around time, memory, and loss. My work seeks to address social and environmental issues and affect change. I attempt to cause people to pause and examine their beliefs and assumptions and use photography to accomplish this by showing beauty in the overlooked ordinary. I also examine the dichotomy that exists between high art and low art, in particular how photography plays a role bringing art from the galleries to become accessible to the general public.

I use film exclusively for all of my work and specialize in medium and large format photography. Black and white photos are printed by hand in the darkroom and are processed to archival museum standards. Colour photos are processed at a professional colour lab and are archival. Silver gelatin and C-prints are editioned in closed editions of 25.