Aurélia Bizouard

Aurélia Bizouard, Reflection, 2015

Aurélia Bizouard, artist

Aurélia Bizouard creates a “sublime vision” through and with the glass: it sublimes the world and all her artistic desires. Painting on a transparent glass canvas is a very different process: you can see through it, it can be both fragile and solid and it allows you to express the world you see, such as thru a lens of a camera. Aurélia paints backwards to realise her paintings on glass: on one side, layers of paint are applied while the other side of the glass exposes the final painting to sublime the colours. Acrylic on glass creates a distinctive visual, something simple to the eye is transformed into a complex, multi-coloured piece, using many different ways of creativity: scratching, dripping the paint, shattering the glass are different ways to express her art. Her surroundings, people and travels are a constant source of inspiration for her intuitive painting, as well as her desire to showcase beauty of the ordinary around us. This French artist lives between France and Canada, her art studio is today in Vancouver. Her abstract paintings represent her love of life and big events of human existence.