Featured Artist: Derrick Higgins

Featured Artist: Derrick Higgins

If you enjoy wildlife and a vivid colour palette then come to the Art! Vancouver show to experience Derrick Higgins visual world. Brilliant blues, bright reds, fluorescent yellows, pinks and purples draw the viewer in.


Using luminous colour combinations, interesting shapes and patterns, Higgins manages to create a level of abstraction still based in the reality of nature. This brilliant combination, along with an obvious love of wildlife, makes for some powerful imagery.


The artist describes it best as “Art focused on nature in an unnatural way.” His wish is to express in his paintings, the same sense of wonder that connects us to the natural world.”


Derrick Higgins, now residing in Vancouver, B.C., has been creating art for more than 30 years. He has exhibited across Canada and has collectors throughout North America and Europe.


Visit his page here.

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