Art! Vancouver 2018 Charity of Choice: Youth Unlimited

The challenges for at-risk and vulnerable youth in BC are high. Child poverty, mental health issues and childhood trauma are strong risk factors that create vulnerability.


Twenty percent of children in BC live below the poverty line. Suicide is the leading cause of death in 15 to 24 year olds in Canada and stats show that only one in five children who need mental health services receives them. Childhood trauma puts kids at a significantly increased risk of addiction, gang recruitment, sex trafficking and homelessness.


But there is hope: So. Much. Hope.





After 18 months of committed, relational support from a healthy adult, vulnerable youth are statistically proven to have a 70% chance of decreasing dangerous behaviour and becoming less at risk. Youth Unlimited has been providing this support and mentorship at a grassroots level for decades.




A place of connection and transformation, Youth Unlimited helps young people discover their potential. If they feel alone, marginalized, vulnerable or just need somewhere fun but safe to connect to, we are here to walk with them, help them learn life skills, support their growth as a person, and discover their potential. We do this through activities, arts, sports, camps, drop-in centres, and a myriad of other programs accessible throughout Greater Vancouver. Our aim is to foster mental, physical, social, spiritual and emotional well-being among young people in our community.




To partner with us to provide support for our amazing youth visit: