Being naked in life vs being naked in art by Elliot Nitkin

Being naked in life vs being naked in art by Elliot Nitkin

I had a very interesting human experience this past weekend.


I found myself in the unintended position of viewing some women in a manner more intimate than appropriate. Lately I find myself wondering why the standards of nudity have changed so much since my childhood. I am not a prude, I just find it getting to be over-done.


After having re-looked at some well-done photographic art, I began to think about the difference between experiencing nudity in public versus nudity in art.


Is there a way to show nudity properly, without putting people into unwanted interactions with virtual strangers?


The artistic subject matter was photographs of young couples from around the world, some of whom were topless.


The in-person experience was different. Let me set the scene for you:


1. “What’s the matter, can’t you control yourself?”
2. “Women can dress as they please, they don’t take orders from men.”
3. “Stop the oppression of women, they are just breasts.”
4. “If you don’t like it, don’t look.”
5. “Stop slut shaming.”


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