Aurelia Bizouard – GLASSISM: Glass Design & Art

Aurelia Bizouard – GLASSISM: Glass Design & Art

By Devon Michael


Aurelia works in a variety of styles, but the one for which she is known is this method of reverse painting, on glass, which she sometimes shatters and reassembles. She coined the phrase Glassism, to express the process by which her work takes form. The allegory is easy to identify, deconstructing and rebuilding, playing with the transparency of the glass or with some paint on it. Finding the new meaning in something you thought was irreparable or unnoticeable. And, of course, making beauty out of chaos and ordinary things such as glass panels.


She describes the origin of this work in a way I recognize, in fact, it’s how most good ideas come around. She happened upon this method of painting by accident, not as a moment of epiphany or revelation, but rather like how great ideas happen : as a small frown. When you notice something you thought was a mistake or an accident, and say to yourself, “well, hmm…there’s something to that.”


Painting the glass, shattering, rebuilding, might seem heavy-handed when endeavoring to create a work of art, but there’s a deeper process of creation that you can see when you look at the finished work. As abrupt as it must be to break a thing apart, especially something you’ve painted yourself, it’s an exquisite, elegant approach to finding hidden symmetries and reflecting the light. It is evocative for this reason because it grips you by the deep fear we all have of breaking something valuable, and then it shows you something important by making you look past the delicate, pristine, and intact, to see the indestructible beauty painted on the underside of fragile objects. This way, Aurelia also evoques a Japonese technique called “Kintsugi” which highlights the beauty of broken things, a metaphore of life itself.



She also paints the glass in other different ways: with light, gold leaves and abstract forms at the back of the panel or by implementing her art in design as part of architectural structures itself.


Her work represents something that I look for in poetry that I never thought to look for in artwork until right now. I love when poems present an idea as a complete thought. Not to say that’s what it should all be endeavoring to do, but it’s a feat I appreciate. I can show you how that happens in poetry when there’s an idea, and the artist stays with it and continues to write about it until by the end you’ve been shown something in a way you’ve never thought of before.


I’ve never tried to explain how that happens in a painting. I never thought of a painting that way until I saw Aurelia Bizouard. That’s what her idea of Glassism means to me; at least, that’s how I see her work. Art as a complete thought, highlighting the beauty of the ordinary. Her shattered glass art will be shown at the Vancouver airport on June 2017 and she will have an art installation to interact with people during the Art!Vancouver show in May 2017: “BECOMING ART MYSELF”. 


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