Art! Vancouver Opens | 24 Hour News

Art! Vancouver Opens | 24 Hour News

Written by Stefani Seccia – Published by 24 Hour News Vancouver – See original article here

Why doesn’t Vancouver have its own major art show?

That’s the question that led Vancouver artist Lisa Wolfin Wayrynen to her idea of Art! Vancouver – a four-day local and international art fair coming to the Vancouver Convention this month.

Cities like Toronto, New York and Los Angeles have world-renowned art events such as the Art Basel, which inspired Wolfin Wayrynen, show founder and director, to bring one to Vancouver.

“In Miami, over 70,000 people fly in every year for the Art Basel and to go to these events,” she said. “When there’s a room full of all this emanation of love, it’s very powerful.”

Wolfin Wayrynen said the opening ceremony May 21 will feature a “runway” where artists will walk and model with their artworks.

The non-profit Jerry Garcia Foundation is honouring the Grateful Dead’s iconic musical artist — as he was not only the lead guitarist of the famous band, but also a fine art painter. His daughter Keelin Garcia and wife Manasha Garcia are also artists whose pieces will be exhibited alongside his.

The organization is also launching its first philanthropic project at the event by donating funds raised to a local musical school.

Artists in attendance include 12-year-old Charles Gitnick from Los Angeles who rose to fame because of his incorporation of guns with his paintings. Through his art, he wages war against urban violence by getting guns off the streets and into art galleries.

“It’s the curiosity to see where people’s imaginations are going,” Wolfin Wayrynen said.

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