Art! Vancouver Named to List of Incredible Canada 150 Events

Art! Vancouver Named to List of Incredible Canada 150 Events

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By Matthew Greenspan

Art! Vancouver brought the art world together at the Vancouver Convention Centre on July 1, 2017. The event, held in commemoration of Canada’s 150th birthday, featured the artwork of more than 25 artists. Art! Vancouver was held as part of the Canada 150 open house at Vancouver’s Canada Place, celebrating art from across the Great White North. The excellence of the event didn’t go unnoticed, as it was praised as one of 91 incredible ways to celebrate Canada 150 by the travel experts at Canada’s leading online global travel agency, Flight Network.


For months, the Flight Network team searched Canada far and wide for the Canada Day and Canada 150 events that would encourage citizens to get out and explore this great country during the summer holidays. Art! Vancouver was praised for its celebration of Canadian art and artists as well as the diversity of mediums, such as photography, digital art, sculptures, paintings and more. The author of the blog post also noted the fun hands-on area, where Kathy van Gogh demonstrated art techniques and encouraged visitors to get their hands dirty with several different mediums.


We are proud to be featured on Flight Network’s list, and although this year’s event has concluded, we hope the recognition will encourage travelers from within Canada and around the world to venture to the waterfront Vancouver Convention Centre to celebrate Canada’s next birthday. It has already been confirmed that attendees to Art! Vancouver 2018 will find an unprecedented collection of contemporary art from artists across Canada and around the world.


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