Art! Vancouver – Discover, Create, Connect | Art & Beyond

Art! Vancouver – Discover, Create, Connect | Art & Beyond

Published in Art & Beyond – Written by Heidi Castle

Art! Vancouver, Western Canada’s international art fair, invites both galleries
and independent artists to exhibit their original works before a savvy and
welcoming audience of curators, collectors, designers, gallerists, other artists
and art lovers from all over the globe.


Vancouver’s natural beauty, ease of living, cultural diversity and amenities
make it ripe for an international art fair, says Lisa Wolfin, director, Art!


“We want to put this city on the map as a must see art destination,” says
Wolfin. “People are coming to this beautiful place in droves yet we had no art
fair. After seeing what other cities have done and what we have to offer I knew
it was time.”


Wolfin’s background more than prepared her for the task. Having trained in
Los Angeles and Paris as a fashion designer and built her own clothing label
Wolfin took those skills and experience and shifted her focus to fine art. An
accomplished artist in her own right with works in private collections around
the world Wolfin ran and curated Hollyburn Country Club Gallery in West
Vancouver for eight years before launching Art! Vancouver.


“I meet artists, locally and internationally, who need a larger platform to
connect with the greater community,” says Wolfin. “Art! Vancouver provides
that. We provide a space and time for those attending our fair to connect and
build relationships directly with the artists and for artists to connect with other
artists and art professionals as well. As much as it is about promoting and sales
it’s about building community with art at its core.”


“Art! Vancouver gave me the opportunity to meet my audience and see how
they reacted to my work, which is invaluable for any artist,” says Kirsten Nash,
award winning singer songwriter and fine artist. “Since my first exhibition
with Art! Vancouver my paintings have been featured in several magazines,
including Arabella, a Canadian art, architecture and design magazine, and will
be featured on the inside front cover of this winter edition of Art and Beyond.”
Nash’s paintings have also been featured in International Contemporary
Artists, the 11th edition and in the latest edition of The Best Modern and
Contemporary Artists.


“All this started with participating in Art! Vancouver, which I’m really looking
forward to doing again 2017,” says Nash.


Housed in Vancouver’s architecturally renowned waterfront convention center,
the four day event held annually in late May and now in its third season, runs
next in 2017 from May 25 – 28.


Each of the past two years have seen over 120 Canadian and international
artists exhibit work. The well advertised and promoted event has seen some
20,000 attendees. “Sales are solid for a young event,” says Wolfin. “We’re
growing and artists are growing with us. In addition to direct sales a number of
galleries have signed artists as well. We’re excited for them.”


Art! Vancouver offers a diverse selection of fine art in various styles, mediums
and subject – realistic to abstract, portraiture to landscape, in oil, acrylic,
mixed media, photography and sculpture.


The opening night gala features select artists strolling along a fashion inspired
runway displaying a work of art. The crowds love it, says Wolfin.


For more information, to register or purchase advance tickets contact
Art! Vancouver at

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