A Spanish Renaissance Woman

A Spanish Renaissance Woman

By Kirsten Larsen


Art! Vancouver is pleased to welcome Internationally acclaimed Spanish born artist, author, photographer and sculptor Tatiana Rivero.  Hailing from Barcelona, she now calls Vancouver, B.C. her home.  As an art photographer, Rivero’s chosen medium is a blend between photography, sculpture, poetry and performance art.


For over a decade Rivero has been creating award winning artistic photos. Setting the stage in her studio, where she creates a space that the protagonist (usually the artist herself) will get lost in her thoughts. The use of space is somewhat of a metaphor and can stand for emptiness, acting as the protagonist in the final images. The various stages of Womanhood often play a major part of her research, Rivero aims to create images for women that will speak to them.


Rivero has exhibited her work around the globe, countries and cities include; Milan at the “Mad Art Gallery” where she is a permanent artist, Montreal where she has participated in three collective exhibitions, Vancouver for Art! Vancouver and her first solo exhibit at “Blank Tank Gallery”,  Belgium, Cannes, Monaco, Barcelona, St Petersburg and Paris where she is represented by “Galarie Art et Miss”.



Recently she was awarded the “Shakespeare in Art” Award in Verona, Italy and this past December, Rivero won the “Expressive Award” at the “Red Dot Miami Exhibition” during Art Basel Week, a week long international celebration of the arts. Rivero placed first in digital painting, in a collective exhibition organized by “Le Reflect de nos differences” a multi-disciplinary arts collective held at the Salon du Vieux Port in Cannes, France.


Rivero’s work can be found in the collected works of “The 21st Century Art Book” an A‐to‐Z guide of contemporary artists featuring established art‐world figures as well as the rising stars of the next generations. The book features work from 50 countries across various mediums including painting, drawing, and sculpture to digital art, video installation, and performance.


Upcoming projects during 2017 that will feature Rivero’s work will include; “Watch Your Step” a play that will take place in Rome and is an adaptation of one of her poetry books, “Monkey’s with Tulip Heads.” Also, she will be exhibiting her most recent work in Alexandria, New Orleans, where she will be giving a workshop with performance art and the students will be walked through her photography process.


For more information please visit her website: www.onceuponatimetana.com


Art! Vancouver runs May 25th – 28th/ 2017


Tickets are on sale now: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/art-vancouver-2017-tickets-26309784273?aff=eac2


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