Art! Masters – First Edition

Art! Masters – First Edition

Get to know our 8 Art! Masters Artists before July 26th:

Painting in a competitive and time-pressured environment takes courage – and who better to show off their creative skills than our 8 esteemed artists: Shelley Brookes, Jake Bull, Maureen Coles, Elizabeth Cross, Danyne Johnston, Lauren Morris, Tatiana Rivero Sanz and Instagram contest winner Patrick De Michele.

As a spectator, you will be able to vote for your favourite Art! Master response to Muhammed Ali’s famous quote “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” – but before you do, here’s a quick lowdown on each of our talented artists:

Shelley Brookes: Has a unique process-driven approach that often sees her destroy her work before allowing forms and other visual elements to organically appear as the work progresses. @shelleybrookes

Jake Bull: Originally from the UK, Bull creates large vivid and symbolic pieces that artfully blend acrylic paint and spray paint to emulate a fresh street art style. Each piece has a story to tell. @jakebullart

Maureen Coles: Paints an exciting array of still life and landscape pieces that capture the magic and tranquility in everything from pebbles in the sand to beautiful and yet forgotten rusty old trucks.

Elizabeth Cross: A self-confessed ‘hopeless romantic’ – Cross paints flowers and faces in a fluid and semi-abstract style that aim to evoke an emotional reaction in the viewer.

Danyne Johnston: Specialising in tranquil depictions of water, reflections, and sunlit forests, Johnston’s work centres on her love of nature and is painterly and impressionistic in style.

Lauren Morris:  “Art is always an expression of something; whether an idea, image or feeling. The bold bright colors of flowers inspired me to do a series of still lives in which I explored many different brush stokes striving to create My own unique style. My recent works took on a new direction of abstraction both floral and landscapes.

Painting predominantly in acrylics and mixed media, I hope to inspire thought and to evoke the viewers’ emotions through visual imagery”. 

Earthy and firey tones are cleverly combined with cooler colours to create fresh and inviting abstract pieces, whilst gestural strokes and dripping paint capture the raw energy in Morris’s floral paintings.

Tatiana Rivero Sanz: “I try to bring to everything I do (portrait photography, sculptures, poetry or painting) a deep element of “truth”. When it comes to the painting process, I find that if I work blindfolded at the first stages, my results are raw, free, wild, uncompromising. I’m after the same kind of emotions I see in the haiku poems, I adore the sense of mystery, of letting go. A moment of completeness. I’m always amazed by what surfaces up.”

Cleverly fusing together the ethereal and surreal, This vibrant multimedia artist creates work that is gestural, energetic and yet strangely calming all at once.

Patrick De Michele: Originally from Montreal, Canada and living in Vancouver now,Patrick De Michele is an artist who started drawing at the age of 4 years old. His work is inspired by is own life, travel and imagination. Under the name of Bad-Art, Patrick works with lots of different mediums like acrylic ,spray paint, pastel, charcoal, sculture, cut and sew for mask, airbrush and Mixed media techniques. He is a self taught artist.

His bold and confident approach was apparent on Instagram and secured De Michele a place in our contest. The work fuses together elements of typography, symbolism and street art to create striking outcomes. @patrickbadartdemichele

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